Slowing Down and Valuing

Darwin Rose Força

I’m constantly working even when I’m not officially employed. That’s the beauty of being creative on social media. I’m still able to be active and out there, constantly making and doing.

Being sick is not fun for me. I don’t have the energy to do everything I want: make new videos, gifsets, digital art, etc.

All I can really do is write and think. Which sounds like a perfect place for a writer to be in, but most of us know that the truth is we spend a lot of time running scared from our writing.

And for myself lately, with this drowsy sludge of sick I’ve waded into, I’ve been wondering why that’s the case.

What is my primary fear of continuing my writing work? What am I not addressing?

The answer I came up with last night is something quite common: I don’t value my time and work.

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